About Us

About Us

Since 1963, the company has been established for more than 50 years. To strengthen our global presence, we established IKKA HOLDING (CAYMAN) LIMITED in the British Cayman Islands in March 2016, and became a 100% subsidiary of the company. Our company has been operating in Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. We have several decades of experience in manufacturing and R&D of plastic automotive parts and modules.

Our Group's main products can be classified into precision plastic injection molded parts for automobiles and electric vehicles, mold production, business machine parts, residential related equipment parts and others. Our Group has been providing customers with satisfactory services from design, development to mass production based on our proficient manufacturing experience and excellent product development capability.

Our company's subsidiaries include Daiichi Kasei Co., Ltd. (IKKA Japan), Dongguan Yihua Precision Zhusu Mould Limited Company (IKKA Dongguan), IKKA Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. (IKKA Vietnam), MAC Technology (Malaysia) San.Bhd (IKKA Malaysia) and IKKA (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (IKKA Hong Kong), collectively referred to as the "Group".

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    Automotive parts and modules

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    Business Machine Parts

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    Housing-related equipment parts